Monday, September 26, 2011

EXILIA: AN EXISTENTIAL ODYSSEY...a graphic novel by C.S. Pego

In a post-apocalyptic time,
a jungle conceals ancient secrets.
In its depths, a spiritual sisterhood,
a trio of eccentric libertines
and a genius without scruples
have a common mission:
to explore a new world that
has been hidden from the senses...
until now.

After Exilia is suddenly
expelled from her convent,
she joins this dangerous quest.
Embarking upon terrifying
adventures, she will see the
but may not return.


Anonymous said...

It looks amazing, but I can't find an information is there book to be published (on English)? And where can I buy it? Thanx.


C.S. Pego said...

Thank you very much Andrej!!! In december it will be available as an ebook, and very soon as a printed book, both in English. I will announce in this blog the places where you will be able to acquire you have an email so I can write you when this happens?

Andrej said...

Hello, Cecilia! ;)

Still interested for your graphic novel, and I've sent you an email recently, so you can inform me about it. :))

Best regards.